Technology is all around us and is changing the way we live our lives. You no longer have to be home to use your computer; you can simply pull out your smart phone that is capable of doing everything a computer can do. This has changed, not only, how we look at and use technology, but how we live our lives as a whole. More and more auto transport companies are switching to web-based management systems, particularly brokerages, as they are able to work in an office.

But it’s not just brokers that are benefiting from all this; auto transport carriers, more and more, are utilizing tablets and smartphones to find new loads or update the status of a current load. With most of the legwork in the auto transport industry now being handled by web-based servers and the like, things move fairly quickly for brokers and customers. But, until recently, carriers have been stuck pulling over at truck stops to find new loads or update their customers, which was very time-consuming and frustrating when they’re trying to arrange pickup or delivery. Tablets and smartphones have allowed them access to load boards from virtually anywhere, and for team drivers (i.e. two drivers in one truck), it’s easy for the passenger to check-up on new loads without having to stop. This keeps them on the road, which is where carriers want to be.

So, what does this mean for you, the car shipper? It means you will spend less time waiting and more time doing the things you need to get done in your life. Being able to find loads faster and arrange pick-ups and drop-offs, all while on the go, leads to faster pick-up times and better service across the board for you. This also could lead to areas where prices were a bit higher seeing a price drop. As information is updated in real-time and can be accessed from anywhere, we could start to see mid-route pick-ups and deliveries in pass through places happen more often. This will lead to a price drop as the driver won’t be going out of his way, but will be able to simply stop during their current route and get your car since they would be going through that area anyway.

Another area of technology to keep your eye on is fuel. As new fuels come into the market and new ways to process old fuels, this will cut costs via new processes that become available because of technology and will only help in the cost and operation of the Auto Transport industry. Fuel price is a major factor in how much your transport will cost you. And with diesel still being on the high end, it has to be factored into the price of the load that is being pulled. Prices for auto transport frequently fluctuate due to the constantly changing fuel prices in order to keep trucks moving and routes profitable.

All this adds up to the fact that technology is having a major impact on the world of auto transport and likely will continue to do so in the years to come. Though prices may not drop too drastically, and will always continue to fluctuate, the fact that things such as tablets, smartphones, lighter alloys and better engines are helping to ease the financial burdens of auto transporters means that prices should drop a bit, and at the very least, make transporting a car that much cheaper. But it is something to watch, as it’s always exciting to see how technology is changing an industry. If you’re looking to have your car transported anywhere in the country, feel to request a quote from Suncoast Auto Transport as they are always ready to help you get your car where you need it to be!

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