The Knoxville Walk-in Tubs is much safer to use than the usual bathtub. Slipping and falling in the bathtub or shower can be fatal. Many people have died or have become seriously ill after a fall in the bath tub. Some of which were Ann B. Davis of The Brady Bunch who died from a bathroom fall and George Burns, who fell in his bathtub at the age of 99 and immediately after developed pneumonia and passed away. Falling can lead to brain damage, senility, jeopardized immune systems and many other complications. All of these injuries and deaths are completely preventable, especially in the bathtub. Don’t become a statistic, have a Knoxville Walk-in Tub installed so you or a loved one may have a safer bathing experience!

Typical bathtubs and showers are not designed with the needs of older folks or the handicapped at heart. Unlike walk-in tubs, with a regular tub you have to take a huge step to get in or out of the tub, a larger step than someone with limited mobility may easily do. If the bottom of the tub or the floor on the other hand is wet because of your shower, you may easily slip and fall. Your current risk is even greater if you have a difficult experience balancing, lifting your legs or moving. Standard tubs often come with sliding glass doors, something walk-in tubs do not require. These types of doors look beautiful, nonetheless they can be dangerous. In the event you slip while in the tub, you can fall into the glass, which causes extensive injuries. Ultimately, traditional tubs are designed with the assumption that you are going to stand in them to shower. Those who tire easily, have arthritis, another painful condition, or who can’t balance well while standing have a lot of trouble with a traditional shower or bath. They may also slip if they stand for too long.

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We have 37 years experience as a licensed general contractor. With the experience we are offering the best value and price on DR. RECOMMENDED WALK-IN TUBS. With our experience as general contractors we can handle a turn-key job of giving you back the independence you deserve—SAFE BATHING.

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    There are a number of different reasons why people install walk in bathtubs. Most of the people dealing with mobility issues, find it difficult by stepping over a traditional bathtub, or someone can slip and fall and seriously hurt themselves. Installing of walk-in bathtub makes is an easy entrance and exit to and from your bathtub. The seat in the bathtub is actually the standard height of a chair and the door gets closed completely.


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