If you’re like most people, there are probably quite a few odd jobs in and around the house you still want to get done, but never seem to get to. Many of these little tasks and even some of the big ones can easily be done by a handyman service. So, what jobs could you call a handyman service for if you live in Knoxville?


siding removalYou may think that carpentry entails only bigger jobs like building a deck or a tree house, but some of the smaller things you might still have wanted to do yourself might actually be jobs better suited for a professional handyman to do. Do you have furniture that needs to be re-varnished or restored? Truth is, the result you would get if you hired a professional would probably be much better. Sanding away the old layer of varnish and applying a new one isn’t necessarily as easy as you think, neither is repairing an old chair that’s no longer steady when you sit on it. But luckily there are many handyman services in Knoxville that will be able to help you with both big and small carpentry projects. If you like the idea of designing your own furniture, but you’re unable to build it yourself, you could also ask a handyman service whether they’d be able to construct pieces that you designed yourself. While it might not be possible, it’s always worthwhile to ask about getting something made specifically to cater to your needs rather than to shop around only to end up with something that wasn’t quite what you wanted.


We all know the feeling. You know, that one you get when you’re staring at a wall that needs to be repainted, but then you realise just how much effort it will be. You know you don’t have time to do it yourself, but it really is a sore eye by now. Maybe you don’t like painting because you’re not actually very good at it. Many people think that it’s easy, but there are actually some important things to know. Painting isn’t simply about choosing a color you like and painting it onto a wall. There are different paints available for different areas in and around your house. A paint that works well in your kitchen, might not be the best choice for your bathroom. Other than the fact that certain paints are better for certain places in your house, there’s also the issue of whether the paint that’s already on your walls is water-based or oil-based. If you use a water-based paint over an oil-based one, it simply won’t last very long. And while it’s possible to paint a wall that was previously painted and oil-based paint with a water-based one, that would require you to sand away the old layers of paint to get better results.


A plumbing emergency can feel like an absolute disaster, especially if it involves water running all over your bathroom or kitchen floor. Luckily most Knoxville handyman services will be able to help you when things go wrong. Good plumbing is necessary to ensure that you won’t have regular problems with water at your house. If you find that water isn’t draining properly somewhere is your house, and you’ve already tried unblocking the drain on a regular basis, then the problem might actually be of a more serious nature.

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is important to ensure that rainwater runs from your ceiling properly. But nobody likes to clean gutters, especially not when you’re afraid of heights. Cleaning the gutters might seem like an easy job, but actually, it’s rather dangerous if you don’t know how to. And, depending on what your house looks like, it could also be very tedious. Luckily you can call Chimney Sweeps West in Knoxville, Tennessee to help you clean your gutters. That way you don’t need to make time for mundane tasks.

Chimney Inspections And Repairs

A fireplace is a wonderful way to make a house feel like a home. They offer you a lovely way to stay warm in the winter and many people find a fire that’s crackling to be very relaxing. But having a fireplace, means you’ll need a chimney to get rid of all the smoke and residue caused by burning wood. Also, keep in mind that you’re working with fire, which means your fireplace and chimney are potentially dangerous when not taken care of properly. Chimney Sweeps West offer chimney inspections to help you determine whether or not your chimney will be safe once winter arrives. There’s a reason why Mary Poppins thought it good to sing a song about chimney sweeps! Before electricity became widely available, chimneys were used much more widely. Because there were so many people who used their chimneys on a regular basis, it was necessary for cities to appoint chimney sweeps. While this wasn’t the most glamorous job, it had to be done to ensure the health and safety of residents. Nowadays, people use their chimneys less, and cities don’t have chimney sweeps anymore, but it’s still just as important now to keep your chimney clean as it was back then.
Chimney Sweeps West
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