Benefits of Handicap Bathtubs

Do you find that you’re prone to slipping when you want to take a bath? Do you ever wish that the bottom surface of your bathtub wasn’t quite as smooth and slippery? Does bath time feel unsafe, robbing you of the relaxing bliss of taking a nice, hot bath? While these things might seem like mere annoyances, they’re actually all real problems that can lead to both serious injury and unnecessary stress.

Unfortunately, regular bathtubs can be dangerous to people who are impaired or who lack mobility. If you’re not as mobile as you used to be, you might find that bath time is marked with particular difficulty when you try to step into the tub. While regular tubs come in all shapes and sizes, few are able to solve this problem.

One of the best ways to solve the problem of slipping that significantly lessens the chance of injury while you one take care of your personal hygiene, is by using a handicap bathtub instead.

What Are Handicap Bathtubs?

Handicap bathtubs are specially designed to help people who feel unsafe while taking a bath in a regular bathtub. These tubs are the ideal solution for those who find that getting in a regular bathtub is tricky, and that it requires more flexibility than they are comfortable with.

Features that allow for a safer, more convenient bath include a door, so you can simply walk into your bathtub; a bottom surface that is less slippery, giving you the reassurance that your bath time will be safer and more relaxing and temperature control to keep the warmth of your bathwater consistent throughout, so you won’t accidentally trip or burn while you’re trying to fill up on hot water after your bath has gone cold.

Some handicap bathtubs even offer adjustable water jets for a relaxing massage while you take your bath! No longer will bathing be only a means of cleaning yourself. You’ll be able to have a luxurious bathing experience with water that never cools and a soft massage that can alleviate the pain associated with stiff, sore and tired muscles, perfect for relaxing after a stressful day.

Many handicap bathtubs can also double as showers. So they’re a wonderful all-in-one solution to suite everyone’s preferences.

Your life doesn't have to be a struggle, or any less enjoyable.

Will A Walk-In Bathtub Suite My Décor?

While you might be able to benefit from the safety measures built into a handicap bathtub, you may be concerned about whether or not these tubs are beautifully designed to fit into the interior of your bathroom. The simple answer is yes. These tubs look just as beautiful as regular ones and there are many options available, so you’ll be able to choose whatever you think will suite your bathroom. The only downside would be if you don’t want a white bathtub, as most handicap bathtubs are available only in white.

At Knoxville Walk-In Tubs, we offer a wide variety of bathtubs to suite every form of décor. Our tubs are the perfect compromise between safety and good looks and will allow you to enjoy a safer bath in a breathtakingly beautiful bathroom.

Who Can Benefit From Using A Handicap Bathtub?

In short, absolutely anyone could benefit from using handicap bathtubs. The decreased risk of slipping or scalding makes it a safer option for any person who would be interested.

But these tubs are especially helpful for less mobile people. Elderly and physically impaired persons are most likely to reap the full benefits of these bathtubs. By using handicap bathtubs, many people who were once unable to enjoy a bath by themselves can regain their independence, boosting their self-confidence and helping them feel more competent. There’s no measure of worth that can be put on the positive psychological effect of being able to do everyday tasks independently once more.

Families who often have elderly guests (like children who often have their elderly parents visiting, for instance) can also benefit from having walk-in tubs in their houses, especially if these guests tend to stay there for long periods at a time. While some elderly people might even be willing to go as far as skipping a bath or two out of fear of tripping, or an unwillingness to accept assistance, they won’t be able to avoid bathing if they stay with their children for longer than a few days.

Knoxville Walk-In Tubs Can Help

Hiring a company to fit your walk-in tub can be a little daunting. While regular tubs can be fitted by regular contractors, walk-in tubs are best fitted by professionals with specialized skills.

If you live in Knoxville then feel free consider Knoxville Walk-In Tubs to assist you with installing your walk-in tub. We offer a wide range of beautifully designed walk-in tubs and we have over 30 years of experience as licensed general contractors, which means we’ll be able to install your bathtub so it fully lives up to your expectations.

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