Relocating for a job can be a very exciting time in your life. The choice to move mostly likely took a great amount of careful consideration on your behalf, or maybe you were so excited about the job offering that you accepted it right away and now you find yourself having to organise the details of relocating for your job. A very important part of relocating for a job is whether or not to ship your car. If you’ll still be needing a car where you’re going, there are a few options for how to go about the problem, but there are a number of reasons why shipping a car is the most plausible solution in many cases.

Should I Even Relocate My Car?

If you’re keeping all your options open, you may be wondering whether or not moving your car will even be worth it. The short answer is a definite yes. Your car is one of your most valuable possessions and it might not be easy to replace. You’re likely to spend even as much as a few months trying to find a new car that meets all your needs. While it’s possible to buy an affordable previously owned car with the money you got from selling your old one, you’re likely to end up with a less reliable vehicle than the one you currently own. So, unless you really want to sell your car, it probably isn’t going to be worthwhile.

Why Ship A Car When I Can Drive?

Many people are tempted to think that driving a car will be a cheaper option than shipping it. Of course, this might be true in some cases. There are a number of ways to tell whether driving your car would be worth it in your particular case, in order to decide whether you should ship your car or not, carefully consider a few important factors.


Depending on how far you’re relocating for your new job, you might significantly increase the mileage of your car by driving it to your new home. This will have a negative impact on its retail value if you ever want to sell it, and while it won’t immediately affect your financial situation, a decreased value will eventually become important when you do choose to sell your car.

AccidentRisk Of Damage

Whenever you get in your car to go somewhere, there is a risk of damage through road accidents, rocks cracking your windscreen or getting a flat tire that simply cannot be avoided. While this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever drive somewhere, instead, it simply means you have to be smart when assessing these risks. If the distance you need to travel is much longer, then the risk of damage also becomes greater. So while driving your car when relocating for a job can be a wonderful option if the distance is rather short, you’ll definitely want to explore other options if your new home is very far.


This is another important thing to keep in mind when making the choice of whether or not to ship your car. Driving long distances can be very tiring, and while some drivers are able to travel for hours upon hours without getting tired, others might not be so lucky. Your own ability to drive safely for long periods of time cannot be overlooked when making a choice. If you’re unable to drive for long periods of time while still maintaining the necessary sense of awareness to drive, then your risk of getting involved in a road accident will significantly increase.


Accommodation is one of the expenses people often don’t think about when driving a car instead of shipping it. If you’re moving somewhere really far, you’ll probably be travelling for more than a day. Obviously, you’ll have to find accommodation for every night you’re on the road. Having to find a new place to sleep every night can end up taking a large amount of the time you could’ve still been driving to your house. Booking hotels before you start your journey also won’t be a good idea, as you might end up having to stop when it’s still early in the day once you reach your hotel. Worse yet, you might end up not making it to your hotel in time, in which case you’ll have to find other accommodation, possibly even when it’s late at night.

Shipping A Car Is Convenient

If you ship a car when relocating for a job, you can buy a ticket to fly to your new city. This will save you a lot of money in accommodation expenses and will be less tiring than having to drive such a long distance. Another reason why shipping your car can be cheaper, is that you don’t have the risk of getting any speeding tickets.
Look for an auto transport company that will insure your car and take care of it properly while it’s being transported. By doing so, you will be able to move your car without any risk of damage that won’t be covered by insurance. If you choose the right company, your car will be transported with the least amount of risk to you.
But perhaps the most important reason why shipping your car is a better option than driving it when you’re going to be moving far, doesn’t involve your car at all. A road accident can do much more than just damage your vehicle, many road accidents are fatal. If you feel reluctant to drive long distances, then you should go with your gut feeling and find a dependable auto transport company instead. Of course, you might also be the kind of person who enjoys road trips, in which case the risks might be worth the adventure to you. Whichever way, the most important thing by far is to make the choice you feel most comfortable with.
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