Jack Industrial Sewing Machines

Do you need sewing machines for your business? While there are many brands of industrial sewing machines, you should be aiming the buy machines that will be durable, fast and perform well. You should also be comparing prices and considering what you’re getting for the price you pay with every option.

If you want an excellent machine that’s able to cater to all your needs, Jack sewing machines are definitely a great option. Jack industrial class sewing machines are made to last, because there are many machines available to satisfy every need your business has to fill, you can be rest assured you won’t have to look any further for quality machines. There are a few things that make Jack machines stand out as the best option.

Jack sewing machines offer you an affordable way to meet your sewing requirements without having to compromise on quality. Every customer is catered for individually to ensure they get exactly what they paid for.

Getting A New Sewing Machine Has Never Been Easier

Every machine is set up before it’s shipped. So you don’t have to worry about assembling anything, once you receive your Jack machines you can go straight to work creating amazing items. This will save you a lot of time and effort in figuring out how to get your machine working properly. And because every machine is tested to see whether or not it’s functioning as it should before it’s shipped, you can be certain that this will make things easier for you.

Customized Attachments Available

Because you might have very specific needs for your sewing machines, Jack offers customized attachments that will make sewing any item or garment a breeze. But Jack machines not only have many different attachments, machines are able to sew anything from a collar to a buttonhole.

If you aren’t able to find what you need in our product catalog, then you can talk to us about having a machine specially built to suit your needs. As with all Jack machines, you’ll receive a fully operational machine that can simply be plugged in. You won’t have to do anything else before you start working your magic working on your new machine.

Technologically Advanced

Jack machines are futuristic, with impressive built-in technologies. Many of our machines, like the JK-T2210 and the JK-T7190, have USB ports and can save sewing patterns, with the JK-T2210 being able to save up to 999 patterns for you. As with the previously mentioned machines, the JK-10080 has a USB port and can record sewing data. To speed up the production process, many Jack sewing machines also offer automation. Some of our machines are able to work a large variety of textiles, helping you cut back on your initial investment if you can’t buy as many machines as you would’ve wanted to.

Fast And Reliable

Jack sewing machines are speedy and don’t breakdown easily. You can choose a machine with a motor that’s best suited to the pace of work you want to do. Alternatively, you can talk to us about buying a machine that will be economical and performs well while using a minimal amount of electricity. Of course, our machines will work for hours every day without needing to be serviced or fussed over, because that’s how industrial sewing machines should be.

And because we specialize in giving you a product that’s fit for your industrial sewing needs, you can choose between machines that are fit to sew anything from a basic seam to a pocket welt and more, without having to worry about the stitching looking shabby or the thread tension going weird on you. Varying levels of technological options available, ensure that our machines are also able to cater to those who are looking for easy-to-use, basic industrial sewing machines.

Order, Ship, Sew

No matter where you are, Jack of the Americas can help you get the machines you’ve always wanted for your business. Because your new machines will be shipped to you, we take orders for sewing machines no matter where in the country you might find yourself. Once your new machine arrives the largest part of your work will be taking in out of the box and plugging it in. After that you should be able to start sewing immediately.

We offer support to all our customers, if you experience any issues with your new machine not working properly, feel free to tell us about it. However, we’re confident everything will be just right when you receive your new Jack sewing machine.

The future of automated sewing might still look very different from what’s currently available, some even suppose that robotic machines that eliminate almost all need for humans in the production of garments are just around the bend. Although it will probably still be many years before such machines become common in the production of everyday things, our machines demonstrate how that future is coming ever closer to becoming a reality.

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C & C Enterprise
We are pleased to announce that C and C Enterprise is teaming up with JACK, one of the world’s finest industrial sewing machine manufacturers, to form Jack of the America’s. Jack of the America’s distributes JACK machines throughout North America, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Basin.

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