If you’re planning to get auto transport during the colder months of the year, you’ll find the time frame isn’t always quite as ideal. The demand for auto transport is less in winter, and so there aren’t as many carriers available to transport your vehicle. Carriers that are available, however, often have to drive slowly to avoid accidents on the wet roads, meaning your car might be on the carrier for longer than you intended.

Because of this, it can be helpful to consider some things that will help keep your car in good shape throughout the long haul of cold weather vehicle shipping. An enclosed carrier is your best option for protection, no matter the time of year. Checking your battery is the next thing for winter shipping. A bad battery can cause loading or unloading issues amid transit and can cause delays, and possible fees.

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We are your dependable auto transport company and can provide you with a full range of options to ensure you are provided with quality service and experience to suit your needs. Whether you are relocating, purchasing a new vehicle, or shipping a show car, our diligent team will make sure that your vehicle transport is done with the utmost care and integrity.

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