Why Your Business Needs To Invest In Power Cleaning

In our modern world we are more aware than ever of how important hygiene is. Dirt, dust, and mildew contribute to the spread of health problems, and can worsen conditions such as asthma or trigger allergic reactions. Not only that, but customers expect a high standard of cleanliness in businesses they frequent, and may even decide to take their custom elsewhere if the business doesn’t look clean and neat. While most businesses do have cleaning staff for the smaller jobs, there are some jobs that are simply too difficult or expensive to do in-house.

What Is Power Cleaning?

Floor cleaning with high pressure water jet

Floor cleaning with high pressure water jet

Power cleaning, or pressure washing, is a method of cleaning using high-pressure water to spray off tough dirt and grime. A pressure washer, consisting of a motor, water pump, high-pressure nozzle, and high-pressure pipes, is connected to a water supply. The motor, usually either an electric or petrol motor, drives the pump, which increases the pressure of the water coming out of the nozzle. The pressurized water is used to clean off dirt by means of the impact it exerts, simultaneously removing it from the surface, and flushing it away. Some washers have varying pressure settings, and generally petrol motors are capable of higher pressure than electric ones. A variety of nozzles also help to control the angle and intensity of the stream. Narrower streams concentrate the power of the washer, forcing the water into cracks where dirt might get stuck, and loosening hard-packed grime. Wider sprays are used for rinsing off dirt once it has been loosened, and applying detergent to an area before cleaning.

What Type Power Cleaning Is Right For Your Business?

Pressure washing can be done in a variety of ways, including but not limited to high- and low-pressure, cold or hot water, and with or without detergents. High-pressure washers are better for cleaning tougher dirt on hard surfaces, such as concrete, while low-pressure washers help minimize the risk of damage to surfaces such as wood. Machines that can use hot water also help to kill germs, and the use of detergents ensures that the area is thoroughly disinfected. Electric washers have limited range, due to needing to be near an outlet, but produce no fumes. These are usually better for jobs indoors or in small areas. Petrol washers can be moved wherever they are needed, but do produce exhaust fumes, and thus are better for in large areas, or outdoors.

Why Outsource The Job?

Pressure washers that are used for power cleaning can be very expensive for a business that only wants to clean their own premises. In addition, the high-pressure water used for power cleaning can cause injuries if not handled correctly, and safety equipment including goggles, boots, gloves, and ear-muffs are a must. The extra expense is difficult to justify for a single enterprise. Power cleaning companies, on the other hand, have highly trained staff who know how to handle the necessary equipment, and can do individual jobs for much cheaper than the cost of the machines. Maintenance costs for these machines are then also borne by the cleaning company, and the business does not need to perform any training on staff, or hire additional staff, for what is essentially a non-routine task.

What Are The Benefits Of Power Cleaning?

Power cleaning is capable of breaking up packed dirt and grime that can’t be scrubbed off, without damaging the surface beneath it. The water is also forced into cracks and gaps, pushing out dirt from spots that normal cleaning would not reach. Because there is no longer a need to have your hands in the way, the water can be heated to a much higher temperature, killing far more germs and bacteria. Stronger chemical cleaners can also be used, where necessary. In areas where mold is a potential problem, pressure cleaning can help to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. By destroying the mold at its root, power washing slows the rate at which it can regrow. It is also a perfect solution for fungal growths in walls or paving. With power cleaning, it is also much easier to clear blocked gutters, clean swimming pools when refurbishing them, and help clear up spills in parking areas or garages. Pressure cleaning has more cosmetic benefits as well. Decks can be restored to near original condition by removing years of built up dirt, rather than being rebuilt, and walls can regain their freshly painted look for far less expense that having to repaint the entire wall. Should you wish to repaint, pressure cleaning is a practical way to remove old paint and prepare the surface for new paint. Cleaner walls, fences, and paving help make a business give a better impression to clients, and power cleaning can even be used to make sure your business’s signs are neat and visible. Professional power cleaning can add significant image value to your business.
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