While internet marketing is becoming one of the main ways to market your local business, neglecting old school print marketing channels is a mistake. It’s true that print marketing might not be what it used to, but with the right amount of innovation and imagination, you can use printed materials to market your local business effectively.

Online marketing offers various benefits over print media. One of the main benefits of online marketing is interacting with your audience via social media, blogging and even email marketing.

But for all the benefits online marketing has to offer,printed materials can still offer some great advantages over online marketing. To successfully integrate printed materials into your marketing strategy, try to think of using printed marketing in ways where it reinforces and helps your online efforts.

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Cy Sears
Over 10 years of Marketing, Graphic Design, Printing and Yellow Page Production experience. My Specialties are in: Marketing and Graphic design for all industries and media, web design, professional printing and pagination.

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