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Walk-in Tubs, Hydrotherapy and Holiday Relaxation


Even though the holidays are a great time of year, they come with a lot of stress. From planning parties and attending the parties of friends, to driving long distances, cooking and doing shopping – you may feel spread far too thin over this holiday season. Although planning over the holiday season also has its own sense of joy, it’s not unusual to feel more tired during holiday season than you normally do. After countless days of stressing to get everything ready, wouldn’t it be nice to have relaxation time to look forward to?

Relaxing in a walk in tub with hydrotherapy is a great way to take some of the stress out after a long day of holiday prepping. Hydrotherapy might be just what you need to relax after your busy days, not only during the holiday season, but also once you get back to life as usual.

How Walk-in Tubs With Hydrotherapy Work

Walk-in tubs are traditionally considered to be a good option for homeowners who have to cater for a handicapped or elderly loved one. A walk-in tub is usually fitted with a door to helped persons with impaired movement to easily get in and out of the tub, reducing the risk of a nasty fall in the bathroom.

While the idea of walk-in tubs might sound basic, and perhaps even ineffective, a surprising amount of elderly people fall in the bathroom when getting in and out of the bath. For this reason, walk-in tubs also have special non-slip surfaces to prevent handicapped and elderly bathers from slipping in the tub.

The good thing is that family members who don’t need to door feature on the walk-in tub can simply use it like they would a normal one. Plus, many walk-in tubs are fitted with special water jets to making your bathing experience more luxurious.

The water jets help to massage tired, sore muscles, meaning bath time in your walk-in tub can be particularly relaxing! But there’s more to hydrotherapy than getting a relaxing water massage. By adding essential oils, bath salts and other health products to your bath water, taking a bath in your walk-in tub can soon become like a visit to the spa!

Many experts also suggests that alternating between hot and cold water for hydrotherapy is a good way the enjoy more health benefits. While warm water is said to help draw blood to the surface and improve circulation, cold water can help to make you feel refreshed.

Hydrotherapy Health Benefits

Before looking at any of the potential health benefits of hydrotherapy, it’s important to know that hydrotherapy in your walk-in tub can’t act as a substitute for advice from a health care professional. If you’ve been seeing a doctor or physiotherapist for any condition you suffer from, you’ll still have to keep doing so after getting a walk-in tub. Hydrotherapy in your walk-in tub will simply be an additional heath care procedure you can take on top of what’s already been prescribed by a qualified health professional.

With that said, hydrotherapy is completely harmless. It’s simply like taking a normal bath, but with massage jets, essential oils and bath salts added, making things more relaxing.

Some of the possible health benefits of hydrotherapy include:

  • Arthritis relief: While hydrotherapy can’t cure arthritis, it can help to ease the discomfort.
  • Depression and anxiety relief: Once again, hydrotherapy won’t cure depression, but the soothing massage combined with a refreshing essential oil of your choice can help your de-stress after a busy day, providing at least some relief from depression and anxiety.
  • Muscle pain relief: If you work in an office where you sit for large parts of every day, a relaxing massage in your walk-in tub could help relieve some of the tension you’ll have in your upper back.

Overall, getting a walk-in tub with built-in jets is a nice touch to your home. Imagine treating your holiday guests to a spa-like experience in your jetted tub! No need to buy spa vouchers this holiday season. With a walk-in tub, your home will be one step closer to being your personal spa.

Using Essential Oils in Your Walk-in Tub

Aromatherapy isn’t a medically approved treatment option for any disease. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of all the lovely scents you can use in your walk-in tub.

And hey, if you want to give aromatherapy a chance, then nothing stops you from doing your homework and learning about what oils to use for every ailment. As long as you don’t use essential oils as a replacement for professional medical care from your doctor, there’s no harm in trying something new. Perhaps you find yourself pleasantly surprised by the effects of aromatherapy on your health!

However, to start out with, why not just use a scent that you like? Test different scents to see if you can notice a specific benefit with a particular oil.

Eucalyptus for instance, is a scent that’s definitely worth trying if you’re suffering from winter colds and flu. It’s known for helping when you suffer from congestion, making it a good pick for winter.

Handicap Tubs Help Bathroom Safety


Physical disabilities and mobility problems are difficult to deal with. Handicapped and elderly family members, like other reasonable people, prefer to have a sense of independence. While not all handicapped people desire the same level of autonomy in day-to-day activities, personal hygiene is something that your handicapped loved one will want to take care of by themselves. After all, you wouldn’t like if someone had to help you in the bathroom either.

Sadly, many elderly and handicapped people aren’t able to enjoy a relaxing bath alone. The bathroom can be a dangerous place for people with impaired movement. This can is especially the case for old, frail people, who often slip and hurt themselves.

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5 Ways to Make Bathrooms Safer for Seniors


Restrooms require extraordinary consideration so as to meet the living needs of elderly grown-ups who need to age in place. Ordinary schedules like showering, cleaning up and brushing teeth can challenge for some more seasoned grown-ups in a standard washroom.

Fortunately, there are various approaches to make lavatory fixtures more easy to use for seniors with portability issues. The design tips here ought to be a piece of a general design philosophy for aging in place bathrooms that include appropriately placed grab bars, nonslip flooring and adequate lighting.

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Fall Prevention Exercises for the Elderly


As people age, bone and bulk reduces, vestibular frameworks are debilitated and falls move toward becoming more typical. Fall-related wounds make up around one-fourth of hospitalizations in the elderly, and senior residents without adjust and quality preparing will probably encounter falls. For seniors, practices concentrated on fall anticipation are basic in limiting the danger of future harm.

Here are 5 sets of activities that anybody can do to enhance adjust when performed in a protected setting. It is best for one to play out these in a corner with a seat or walker situated in front, or at a counter with competent supervision.

General Strengthening is vital for working up bulk, which is expected to walk, climb stairs, and navigate curves and walkways securely. Here is a rundown of five fundamental activities that focus on muscles utilized for walking that should likewise be possible without hardware.

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The most effective method to Make Your Bathroom Safer


Since more mishaps and wounds occur in the restroom than some other room in the house, this is a very important room to modify for aging in place. Contingent upon your mother’s needs, here are a few tips for each piece of the washroom that can make it more secure and less demanding to utilize.

Floor: To abstain from slipping, a straightforward fix is to get non-slide shower carpets for the floors. Or, then again on the off chance that you need to put in another floor get slip-safe tiles, elastic or vinyl flooring, or introduce one end to the other covering.

Lighting: Good lighting is likewise vital, so introduce the most astounding wattage bulbs considered your mother’s washroom installations and get a module nightlight that naturally turns on when the room gets dull.

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The Benefits Walk-in Tubs Bring to Homes


Do you have an elderly or disabled loved-one living in your home? Or are you an elderly or disabled person?

If you have any experience with senility or being handicapped, you’ll understand how it affects your everyday life as a family.

Fact is, no one wants to constantly be reminded of their disability. And for most families with handicapped family members, there’s an ongoing effort to make life feel as normal as possible, as well as to minimize the impact decreased mobility will have on a handicapped person’s life.

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Steps to Picking a Walk-in Tub Contractor


Before you can look into hiring a contractor to install your walk-in tub, you should take some time to develop and understanding of what you can expect.

What features would you like in your walk-in tub? Approximately what should your walk-in tub of choice cost? What will the installation work cost you? How long should the work take? Do an online search and get some quotes from different companies and contractors to answer these questions.

Finally, what are the minimum requirements when it comes to a contractor? At the very least your contractor should have a registered business that operates legally. But what requirements do contractors have to fulfill in order to legally work in your area?

Knowing how to tell a real business from one that might not even exist (ie. a scam) is essential in weeding out some of the worst options.

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Picking a Walk-in Tub – Features


Fill and Drain Time.

It can require a long investment to fill and deplete your tub and when you are wet, you may rapidly get frosty sitting tight for the tub to deplete. Ensure that your tub has installations that fill the tub rapidly. The best walk in tubs will fill in less than 6 minutes. Some other extremely well known walk in tubs may take up to 15 minutes to fill.

Deplete times run shape 90 seconds to 5 minutes or more. 2″ channels and numerous channels speed deplete time.

Situate Size and Height.

Many walk in tubs are not huge inside and require leeway for internal opening entryways. Ensure that the seat is sufficiently extensive for solace and no less than 17″ high for simple utilization. Low seats are difficult to stand up from. A few makers don’t give these estimations. Request these estimations in composing before you resolve to purchase.

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Handicap Walk In Tubs


Prior to any buy, it is imperative to know precisely what it is to search for and how the thing can help you. Handicap baths are bathroom, shower and toilet aids created to provide comfort for the physically disabled or seniors. There is a practical requirement for items for those with movement inconveniences. Along these lines, items were made on account of autonomy and exceptional needs. Specially designed handicap baths allow the physically disabled person to stay in their homes with total freedom to do one more task without assistance.

The essential thought behind handicap showers is to offer a feeling of confidence with the fundamental start of security and assisted living without the genuine help as a main priority. Keep in mind, handicap showers and handicap tubs are not the same thing. Handicap showers are made for the handicapped, but this specific sort of bath enables an individual to easily shower while sitting, or standing. Regardless of the choice, if your budget allows, the handicap bath and handicap shower is also a product that can be acquired together as a bundle so that you can experience the comfort of both!

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7 Benefits of Walk-In Tubs


So what’s all the commotion about the famous items for seniors known as “the walk in tubs?”

We’ve all observed the notices on TV and in magazines, yet what are the genuine advantages of a walk in tub? Does it address your issues, or fit into your way of life? At last, the vast majority need to know whether it is an advantageous venture.

To see whether a walk in tub is appropriate for you, consider these seven advantages.

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